As part of the full customer experience, strong administrative capabilities are a must. Coverdell offers full in-house administration of programs and customer support.

Online Fulfillment and Benefits Administration

We offer a fully integrated single-sign on solution ensuring customers never need to leave the site to complete enrollment and receive their fulfillment materials. Materials can be set up to be available on the site or by email.

Offline Fulfillment and Benefits Administration

Members receive fulfillment materials by mail within 5 days of enrollment. Fulfillment includes all materials necessary for customers to access benefits, contact customer service for personalized attention, and access to any available online program information. Program fulfillment materials can be private labeled and branded.

Customer Service Call Center

Our in-house customer service representatives receive intensive training on all of our products as well as our individual clients. Our dedicated team approach ensures that our representatives are always up-to-date and completely familiar with every program. Each representative is empowered to solve problems quickly, and to do whatever it takes to ensure that every member is 100% satisfied.

Direct-To-Consumer Marketing


Complete Administration

  • Enrollment & data entry
  • Data processing
  • Operations & billing
  • Application development
  • Information technology
  • Customer service
  • Fulfillment