Direct to Consumer Brands

Coverdell is in the business of helping individuals and families reduce the costs associated with health care through non-insured health discount benefit programs. In addition to marketing our programs through partnerships with major financial institutions, corporations and insurance companies across North America, Coverdell has expanded its offerings into the direct-to-consumer market. Coverdell memberships provide benefits to millions of individuals across North America.

  • Focuses on a multi-channel strategy
  • Incorporates direct response television, mail, phone, e-mail and web
  • Provides valuable savings and services with full administrative support

Coverdell currently offers direct-to-consumer programs under the Carefree brand.


Coverdell Dental discount programs offer point of service discounts of 15% - 50% on most dental services at over 161,000 dental practice locations, and include bonus discounts on vision services and prescriptions.

A financial safety net for the average American car owner, Carefree Auto provides relief from car repairs, tire and wheel damage, roadside breakdown and customary maintenance costs. Optional Home benefits include money saving features for the home, including appliance and electrical repairs.

Carefree MD provides 24/7 access to board-certified, state licensed doctors via your computer, phone or tablet. Your Carefree M.D. doctor can discuss your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, and even send prescriptions to your local pharmacy. Carefree MD also includes a prescription discount card for savings of 10-85% on brand name and generic medications.

Helping millions save on health-related services


Coverdell's Direct to Consumer Programs:

  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs
  • Provide savings on services not covered by insurance
  • Accepted by nationwide provider networks