Privacy & Identity Protection Benefits

There is no question technology affords many conveniences. At the same time, technology has increased the opportunities for crimes such as identify theft, credit fraud and similar acts infringing on consumers' privacy. Coverdell's Privacy & Security affinity marketing programs are designed to provide your customers with the personal and financial security and protection they and their families deserve. While providing peace and comfort to your customers, you can enhance your revenue, strengthen existing relationships and enhance brand loyalty. Coverdell offers comprehensive marketing, administration and customer service support to maximize the results of your program.

Our Privacy & Identity Protection affinity product portfolio includes:

Privacy Protection Plus™. A comprehensive privacy and security safeguard solution. The program encompasses a variety of benefits that make it easier for members to access, monitor and manage their personal information. Members receive access to their credit report and score, quarterly updates on credit information, monitoring and alert services, identity theft protection and restoration services.

Credit Safety Guard™. A program designed to promote credit profile awareness. This product is focused on helping the member know, understand and maximize their credit profile through access to their credit report and score as well as monitoring and alert services.

IDeal Protection™. A comprehensive benefits plan to protect members from identity theft and credit fraud. Helps members access and use invaluable information to guard against identity theft and prevent the risks associated with fraud. An identity restoration service is included in this program should fraudulent activity against the protected member occur.

E-Safety Box. A program that provides secure online storage and organization tools. Provides a fully secure online site where members can easily store and access important legal, financial, insurance and other vital documents, as well as medical and personal health information – 24/7 from any Internet-connected computer. Members have anytime, anywhere access to secure online storage space, an online document organizer and a secure access privileges management tool.

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