Financial Services Benefits

Legal Counseling and Referral Plan. The Legal Counseling and Referral Plan provides referrals to a staff of expert, licensed attorneys exclusively dedicated to telephonic consultations. Benefit includes free consultations by local attorneys and a 25% reduction in fees for representation.

Financial Counseling and Referral Plan. The Financial Counseling and Referral Plan provides referrals to a staff of experts, including Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), and other professionals exclusively dedicated to providing financial telephonic information.

Fee Negotiation Service. Our Advocates specialize in negotiating with hospital, urgent care and surgical center billing departments and finding payment solutions that work for our members and their providers. The Advocates will work to negotiate a lower patient responsibility on all bills exceeding the specified threshold. Every case is different and reduced bills cannot be guaranteed. Advocacy is a best efforts service; it does not provide funds to pay for bills.

Identity Theft Protection. Members receive a comprehensive plan to protect them from identity theft and credit fraud. In addition, members receive up to $25,000 of identity theft expense reimbursement coverage (Not available in NY). The insurance covers expenses associated with identity theft (e.g. attorney's fees, lost wages, affidavits, long distance charges, copies, etc.) at no charge to the member. Members also receive comprehensive identity restoration; a professional investigator will help recover a member's identity, clear their name, and restore their credit rating back to pre-theft status at no charge to the member.

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