Marketing Expertise

How effectively you market your loyalty and fee-income product offering has a significant impact on consumer adoption. With over 40 years of experience marketing affinity membership programs, Coverdell has the expertise to develop a strategy that will produce the best possible results from your program. But you are the expert when it comes to your business, your customers and what you want to accomplish. That's why step one is to listen carefully to what you tell us. We then employ sophisticated tools and comprehensive services to create and execute a strategy tailored to achieve your specific objectives. Our full-service offering includes:

Campaign Planning & Implementation

  • Customized campaign development
  • Use of proven marketing strategies via direct mail, telemarketing and Internet channels

Marketing Services

  • In-house, full-service marketing department
  • Creative design, development and production management (online and offline)
  • Telemarketing management (call handling, up-sell and cross-sell offers)
  • Customer relationship management

Strategic Analysis & Modeling

  • Custom models built at client, product and channel-specific levels
  • Data-driven methodologies used to build highly predictive response models that support all marketing initiatives and maximize results
  • Advanced segmentation techniques to enhance program performance
  • Robust analytical tools to review program performance and drive ongoing improvement

Testing & Validation

  • Rigorous testing focused on creative, segment, product, driving revenue, retention
  • Systems to track results through customer lifecycle
  • Detailed reporting provides results for every campaign

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